Stop fantasizing about kink and BDSM and learn how to talk to your partner about adding kink to your bedroom!


Make Your Wildest Fantasies a Reality Starting today!

Getting started with BDSM in real life isn't that hard, it simply requires an open mind, a few toys, and the guts to give it a chance. From mild to wild, kink can fit into just about everyone's sex life!

But But But My partner isn't into it! Have you actually tried to talk about it? Maybe a light spanking, maybe a hand on their throat, maybe buying a low cost toy to get the conversation started? Seriously there are all sorts of ways to enjoy a little kinky play and make the sparks fly like the 4th of July again!

Here are a few of the best toys to start with:


Used lightly a flogger can create a mild massage type feeling that most people enjoy. They carry the bonus of not being as intimidating visually as many other toys! Just starting out we recommend starting out with lighter weight soft floggers with 24-30 falls. You can find a nice selection of floggers on our main site

Learning to use a flogger is a perfect way to get started in BDSM    Leather Floggers made by    Unfinished suede like floggers offer a nice gental thud perfect for beginners.


Most women fantasize about being spanked during sex, it falls on long driven trends toward domination and deep seeded subconscious desires. Used lightly paddles are a fairly easy sell for most women and they tend to pull out kinky desires that are deep seeded in our society as a whole. You can find a nice selection of Paddles on our main site

Light weight slapper paddles are a perfect start for newbies to BDSM!    solid hard wood paddles are well rounded for spankings be it OTK or hands on the table spanking    Frat Style paddles are more on the extreme end of spanking paddles

Spanking Canes

While not as newbie friendly as the prior two suggestions, little says more that you want to get your kink on than a nice cane! By combining bright colors our canes are a visual power house that create curiosity in many, if you like the idea of using canes or having them used on you our Acrylic canes and swirl canes aren't as intimidating as the basic school ratan that normally comes to mind.

Acrylic Spanking canes offer all the caning pleasure without the fear imparted by ratan canes    solid oak swirl painted canes are more like ratan without the school caning mental image    high qaulity acrylic canes set of two 3/8 inch & 1/2 inch

Misc Sex Toys

If all else fails grabbing a more mainstream sex toy can get things rolling and even more so when you bring your partner back to our main site to look together for fun little play things only to have them find the BDSM toys. ;) Misc Sex Toys

Hope you have a kinky day!
Ryan & Miranda

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